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210 E 34th St. Indianapolis, IN 46205

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Our Pastor

Meet Our Pastor

Oliver Dewayne Walker

Senior Pastor

Pastor Oliver Dewayne Walker is a dynamic preacher and man of God.  He is humble in spirit with an anointed and powerful Word from God.  He leads this congregation as the senior pastor.  His wife is the Rev. Dr. Helen Walker.

Helen J. Walker

First lady

Meet First Lady, Rev. Dr. Helen J Walker. She is the spouse of Pastor Oliver and serves the church as an associate minister. Together they sponsor the Walker School of Ministry.

In Loving Memory

Bryant Lamar Walker

Bryant Lamar Walker


Pastor Bryant Lemar Walker was Assistant to the pastor from 2015-2020. He was a powerful preacher who brought clear and concise leadership to the church. He was the son of Pastor Walker and together they made a great and powerful team. His presence will be treasured and thoroughly missed. He was married to Kimberly Walker.
Kimberly Walker

Kimberly Walker

Pastor Bryant and Lady Kimberly Walker served the church in a variety of ways; together they directed the Run for Your Life Health and Wellness Ministry. Lady Kimberly continues to serve in that capacity.